Creative Agencies

Spend more time being creative

(less time worrying about numbers)

Invoicing, paying staff, chasing debtors… it shouldn’t take so much time (but it often does). With cloud-based systems, Sky Books can help you save literally hundreds of hours. Check your business finances at a glance, pay staff, stay on top of debtors, manage cashflow, and much more – all at the click of a button.

Paperless solutions

We help you get your bookkeeping in the cloud, which means you can work from anywhere and still have all your information at your fingertips. This includes invoices, receipts, contracts and everything else that lives in a folder.


Processing payroll and paying contractors doesn’t need to take hours. We make paying the people that help your business tick easier and more efficient.

Process Automation

Automation is the key to saving time and effort. We help free up your time with smart processes to improve accuracy, eliminate duplication and reduce manual data entry.


We help keep the tax office off your back with accurate and on-time BAS processing. Using Cloud-based software we help you stay on top of all your GST, PAYG and Superannuation payments.


Having your eyes on the numbers has never been so easy. We help you know your business better by giving you easy to read reports and 24 hour, ‘any device’ systems so you’re never in the dark.

Save time

We love efficiency, and even more we love helping busy creatives spend less time on the books and more timeproducing amazing things for their clients.

Learn the best kept secrets to saving time with the cloud